Elizabeth Verdick

about me

If I’m not writing a book, I’m thinking about writing a book.

When I was a kid, I was the one whose face was hidden behind the pages of a book, with a mop of curls sticking out over the tops of the pages. Not much has changed. There is one difference, though—sometimes my name is on the cover of the book I’m reading!

I always wanted to be a writer but was too shy to admit it in case someone said, “Well, what have you written? Can I see it?” So first I became a book editor, and then a mother. Both jobs gave me the confidence to finally begin writing books of my own.

I am currently pursuing my MFA at Hamline University. Actually, it’s the MFAC because the program focuses on writing for children and teens.

Most of my books are written for people who can’t read yet.

My main audience is knee high—and larger than life. We’re talking toddlers. Children this age have the power to charm the pants off you one moment and throw jaw-dropping tantrums the next. I remember when my own kids were toddlers: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Now that they’re older, I’m writing the books I wished we’d had back then . . . books about biting, bedtime, and “bye-bye,” pacifiers, potties, and “please” (and everything in between).

As kids grow, so do their needs.

I also write books for preschoolers on up. My daughter and son are the inspiration for just about everything I write. The issues they deal with day to day and year to year help me figure out what to write next.

I live in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes with my husband, our two kids, and a lovable assortment of pets.